Tal Zinc Smelter Company Started Its Manufacturing Activities In 2005

شرکت ذوب روی تال شروع فعالیت های تولیدی از سال 2005


 For over a century, zinc has enhanced the longevity and performance of steel. Zinc coatings provide the most effective and economical way of protecting steel against corrosion which, left unchecked, is estimated to cost an industrialized country's economy at least 4% of GDP each year.

Zinc-coated or galvanized steel offers a unique combination of properties unmatched by any other material. These include:

high strength
light weight
corrosion resistance
low cost
For this reason, galvanized steel sheet is an ideal material for a multitude of building and manufacturing applications - from automobiles to household appliances to residential, commercial and industrial construction.

This section describes the continuous galvanizing process, products, coating performance and the environmental characteristics of zinc coatings. Other zinc coatings in addition to continuous galvanizing are also briefly discussed.

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